Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who I am


My name is "Peyton Manning" (of the Shorter family). I'm a registered Diabetic Alert Service Dog. I was born in Knoxville, TN on September 16 (the "real" Peyton's UT jersey number), 2005.

My Mom and Dad picked me up from the Maltese breeder on the weekend that they retired the "real" Peyton's jersey number in Neyland Stadium, and he was there for the ceremony. So, "inheriting" the name was a "natural". (Besides the fact that my Mom LUVs the "real" Peyton -- my Dad thinks he's pretty cool, too.)

My Mom has written a short book about "The Adventures of Peyton Manning, Service Dog". She started this blog for me to promote my book, and help search for a literary agent and publisher. You may address either her OR me in your blog comments. If we promote enough interest, there may even be a series of books about my ongoing adventures.

I won't say anything more about myself, my book, or my adventures at this point. I'm hoping you'll ask me questions in my blog to learn more about Service Dogs and their "adventures". Or you can just wait and buy the book -- whenever it gets published. ;-)